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JLGA has partnered with Columbia to create a dedicated student space focused on the arts within the existing Lerner Hall student center. Our design for this performance-oriented environment created a flexible space that fosters community and connection and accommodates a wide range of event and performance types, from jazz bands and small musical ensembles, to spoken word poets and improv performances.

The acoustical and lighting design aspects of the design were critical to supporting a broad range of arts performances and optimizing flexibility for this multipurpose space. The unique variance in ceiling height due to the presence of an area with a double-height space posed a challenge to the design team. JLGA devised a solution that ensures quality acoustics, and leverages LED technology to enables simple and cost-effective light fixtures to become dynamic, immersive elements for any performance or educational event.

To address the challenge of an existing stair that constrained how much of the space could be open and reconfigurable, JLGA developed multiple configuration and stair location options for the client. Each design alternative offered maximized, clear sightlines and efficient circulation. The final design is contemporary, innovative, sustainable–and meets Columbia’s high standards for campus design.

Columbia University

New York, NY