JLGA is currently designing a new ambulatory urology facility for Northwell Health in Manhattan, NY. The new 6,800 SF facility will include exam and treatment rooms, laboratory, medication room, decontamination/scope processing, staff workstations, administrative offices, waiting area, staff lounge/locker room, clean/soiled holding, and storage areas.

Although dealing with a challenging existing floor plate, the design was able to maximize the exam and treatment room counts to accommodate a growing practice. Placed around the perimeter of the floor to take advantage of the large existing windows, each exam and treatment room layout was also reviewed with the client and optimized for both staff efficiency and patient comfort. The multiple client reviews also included specific run-throughs of the clinical staff operations to ensure that all medical equipment and processes were accommodated in the various practice specific spaces required by the project program. All of these efforts were central to ensuring that the best staff and patient experience will be provided in this new practice.