Coney Island Brewery – Bar and Restaurant

Coney Island Brewery – Bar and Restaurant

Having designed the original Coney Island Brewery in 2014, the owner, Boston Beer Company, invited JLGA to design a new bar /restaurant expansion into a recently vacated, adjacent 4,700 SF space. The client asked JLGA for the bar’s design to be inspired by Coney Island’s colorful history, from the carnival atmosphere of the iconic boardwalk, with its neon signs, seaside eateries, and games, to the world-famous annual Mermaid Parade. The client also wanted the new space to express the aesthetic of an older, industrial building to reflect the neighborhood buildings that had been around for years, like Coney Island itself.

JLGA designed a space that preserves the functioning brewery at one end while creating two new signature bars. The centrally located primary bar, known as the Mermaid Bar, joins with the original brewery both spatially and through color, finishes, and details. A blue and white tile wall behind the bar calls to mind the scales of a mermaid. Mounted onto the face of the tile wall is a bright, custom-designed neon sign announcing “Coney Island Brewery” to those inside and out, giving homage to the neon signage that ubiquitously defines scores of boardwalk businesses and Coney Island storefronts.

The secondary bar features a standing bar area, lounge seating, and a bold and striking “Instagrammable” mural wall painted by a local artist as envisioned by the client. A mosaic tile wall, reminiscent of those in the NYC subway stations spells out “Coney Island.” The new brewery and bar includes an open, multipurpose space for private events and parties as well as gaming areas, restrooms, and support spaces like a rentable kitchen, administrative offices, and storage spaces.


Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY


Boston Beer Company


Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Administration, Sustainable Design


Two Bars, Lounge, Recreational Game Space, Retail Merchandising, Brewery, Office, Kitchen