Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Laboratory

Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Laboratory

The NYU School of Medicine’s mission is to remain at the forefront of education, research and technology. In support of that mission, JLGA designed a new imaging and research facility for the Department of Radiology. This 12,000 SF facility is located over three floors and includes a new mechanical shaft that connects to a rooftop mechanical penthouse and infrastructure.

The design of the Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Laboratory project was technically challenging, and required the combination and relocation of departments, flood mitigation design, integration with existing medical equipment, major upgrades to the building’s infrastructure, and intense coordination with regulatory agencies for approvals and permits including DOT, ConEd, DOH, DEC, FDNY and DOB.

This technically advanced facility will work in tandem with the recently installed MRI-PET scanner to provide new and innovative clinical treatments. In addition to its clinical mission, the new particle accelerator is capable of producing a variety of radio-pharmaceutical isotopes for research, enabling NYULH to meet the growing needs of both their clinical and research environments.


New York, NY


NYU School of Medicine


Radiochemistry Laboratory, PETNET Facility, Rooftop Mechanical Penthouse