Paul Stuart Store – New York

Paul Stuart Store – New York

Carved out of the prestigious Paul Stuart men’s store on Madison Avenue in New York City, the new women’s department is perched on a newly constructed mezzanine level that JLGA discretely situated between the first and second floors.

The mezzanine concept offered Paul Stuart additional retail space within its existing volume without sacrificing space. Graceful curves characterize many of the design details from the custom-designed showcases and the elegant balcony railing to the flowing lines of the new ceiling configuration.

All of the elements work cohesively to create a relaxed and unforced feeling to this compact and intelligent use of space.


New York, NY


Paul Stuart INC.


Architecture, Interior Design, Signage and Wayfinding, Construction Administration


Flexible Retail Space, Mezzanine, Dressing Rooms, Check-out Counter