Doubleday Book Shop

Doubleday Book Shop

The Doubleday bookshop, a featured project from the JLGA archive, stands as one of the seminal flash points in the firm’s 50+ year history. JLGA’s early partnership with Doubleday—the first owner of the New York Mets—began with the design of the bookshop in 1969 and went on to include the corporate offices in 1972. JLGA’s collaboration with Doubleday subsequently led to the renovation of Shea Stadium (1988), the feasibility study and design of Citi Field (2009), the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball stadium (MCU Park) (2001), and the Coney Island Brewery and Bar (2020). This decades-long relationship with Doubleday and The New York Mets exemplifies the long-term trust and confidence JLGA consistently builds with each and every client.

JLGA’s design solution for this Manhattan flagship store created a sleek, modern aesthetic and unique shopping experience. Designed for exceptional space efficiency in a tight space measuring only 17 by 32 feet, the Bookshop features an island book unit that divides the shop into distinct areas, creating a sense of openness and program variety. The unit also adds a unique sculptural element to the interior experience while eliminating the need for inefficient cross aisles.

The durable rust-colored quarry tile floors contrast with a bold, chrome-yellow cash counter and island unit. To create a cohesive design, JLGA echoed the island’s round form in the existing revolving door and the cash counter tucked into the recess at the front of the store.


New York, NY




Architecture, Interior Design, Signage and Wayfinding, Construction Administration


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