Smilow Cryo-EM Microscopy Suite

Smilow Cryo-EM Microscopy Suite

JLGA installed two Cryogenic Electron Microscopes with their correlated Control Rooms and Mechanical Spaces within NYU Langone Health. The suite also includes two lab spaces to support the work being done with the microscopes by the researchers.

The rooms feature aluminum shielding on the walls, floors, and ceilings to provide the ideal environment for testing. In these rooms, there are wall-mounted radiant panels and airlocks at the doors to keep the temperature constant.

A vibration analysis of the existing cellar space provided direction for the construction of two new concrete pits to accommodate vibration platforms for the microscopes.


New York, NY


NYU Langone Health


Feasibility Study, Laboratory Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainable Design, Signage and Wayfinding, Construction Administration


Reconfigurable Lecture Hall, Dissection Laboratory, Reception, Lounge, Pantry